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Tax Bills Sent to Escrow Account Parcels

Chester Township partnered with a new company this tax season to simplify and modernize the tax bill process. Unfortunately, during the set-up process, it was not clarified by the Treasurer whether escrow account parcels would receive the “notice” of tax bills or a duplicate tax bill, so every parcel paid through escrow was mailed a duplicate tax bill. To verify that your tax bill is being paid by an escrow account, please look to the upper left-hand corner of the printed tax bill and locate the mortgage code. (It will say “Mort Code: XXXX” if there is an escrow holder on file.) If there is no 4 or 5 letter code after “Mort Code” on your tax bill, the township does not have an escrow account listed as payee for your parcel. Please contact the Treasurer with any questions and we apologize for the confusion.

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