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Board Members

Chester Township Supervisor

Chester Township Clerk

Chester Township Treasurer

Chester Township Assessor

Chester Township Trustee

Chester Township Trustee

Elected township officials also oversee the administration of important township functions.

The township supervisor, besides moderating meetings, receives and handles all nuisance matters and ensures that assessments on taxable property conform to state laws.

The township clerk has custody of vital records, accounts for township finances, and oversees elections conducted by the township.

The township treasurer collects all revenues and property taxes for the township, schools, the county, and other tax levying entities.

Trustees act as a ‘check and balance’ and are actively involved by attending various supplemental meetings, reporting back to the township board.

Planning & Zoning

For planning and zoning please contact:

Ordinances & Resolutions

There are no posted ordinances or resolutions at this time.

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